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Where are you located?

9200 Fairway Drvie, Roseville Ca 95678 - 916-413- 3155

313 East Bidwell, Folsom Ca 95630 - 916-500-2593

2265 Arden Way, Sacramento Ca 95825 - 916-860-4809


What is The Cave?

The Cave has two 9000+ square foot retail stores that buy and sell new and used retro, classic, vintage, rare and hard-to-find collectibles, posters, board games, toys, movies and video games, t-shirts, jerseys, bags, hats, apparel, shoes and clothing accessories, comics, books and many other pop culture items!


What can I expect from my visit to The Cave?

Fun and excitement! The music is in-your-face, the employees are happy to see you, the shelves are overflowing with memories from your childhood. It’s a giant treasure-hunt of the cool and weird and the prices are great too!


What does The Cave buy, sell and trade?

I don't know... what'd ya got?” We like fun, weird, unique stuff, usually to do with popular culture over the last 50 years or so. Yes, we do have a general list of things we buy, but sometimes we're not even sure until you bring it in. We look forward to finding out! If you're not sure, message us on social media, or give us a call.


WHEN does The Cave buy, sell and trade?

We're open 10am to 10pm daily, but our buying hours are restricted to 10am to 9pm daily. This means we will have to FINISH buying from you by 9pm. If you bring in a buyback that will take us an hour at 8:30, it will have to be a "drop off" that you come back to collect on at another time. In other words... if it's gonna take a while, don't show up after 8pm with it and expect it to be done that night.


What does The Cave NOT buy, sell or trade?

We're not a traditional pawn shop or thrift store. We like to think of ourselves as a “sift store”, meaning we have sifted through the “not so cool stuff” to find the cool stuff. Here's a small list of things we DO NOT buy: Power tools, gold & silver, car audio, anything with a laser (i.e. DVD of CD players), sports cards (we do buy some trading cards, i.e. Star Wars etc.), regular books (meaning paperback or hardback books you might find in a traditional book store – we're inerested in rare or strange books, graphic novels, manga, etc.)


Do you do "straight across" trades?

When we say “trade”, we mean that we will offer you more in store credit than we would offer you in cash for your used stuff. We do not do “straight across trades” as that would make it impossible for us to continue to do business.


Can I get part in credit and part in cash?

No. It has to be one or the other.


How long has The Cave been around?

The Folsom Cave location opened October 2nd, 2019, and the Sacramento location opened May 2nd 2021.


Do you sell online?

No. And we aren't currently planning to.


Do you buy stuff online or long distance?

No. But we have been known to do pick ups or evaluate large collections too large to bring into the store(see below).


I have a large quantity of stuff, do you do bulk buys and/or pickups?

If you are local to the Sacramento area or perhaps a short drive outside of it, and have a large quantity of product you'd like us to consider buying, please contact us through social media or give us a call and we'll see what might be possible.


Do you hold stuff?

The products in The Cave tend to be rare and special, we have a VERY limited hold policy. Usually only an hour or two at the most.


Do you post photos of your new arrivals on Social Media?

As often as possible! We're notorious for posting photos and videos of our “new arrivals” every day! Check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can find links to them at the top of this page.


How much do you give for "such and such"?

We never know how much we will give until we physically look at your product. If you're far away and want a loose idea, give us a call and we'll see if we can give you a general price range.


Do you buy sports cards?

No. Sports cards are currently sold primarily over the internet on specialized sites. Not in our stores.


Are all your items guaranteed?

Most of our items will have a short “defective item return for store credit” guarantee. But many of our items are classic and/or vintage (i.e. Old), and have simply stopped working over time, and will be priced accordingly. Things we will absolutely not allow returns on: Anything with an "Untested-All Sales Final" sticker, VHS, cassettes, 8-tracks (anything with tape), and adult magazines... because... well, eww...


What do you mean by "collectibles"?

Yes, we know, you can “collect” just about anything, but we're not looking for boxes of human hair. When we say “collectibles”, we usually mean pop culture (i.e. Movie, TV, comic book characters, brand names, etc.) toys, statues, posters, pins, books and magazines, and such. Yes, we know that some of this might cross over into 'antique” items, but we do not deal in many antiques or “nick knacks”, unless they have some pop-culture affiliation. If you're not sure, message us on social media, or give us a call!


Toys? So you're a children's store?

Although we do carry a large number of items that kids will love, we are not a traditional “toy store” (i.e. Toys R Us). We carry mostly collectble toys from decades passed. More of a “grown-up” toy store. (Please notice that we did NOT say “adult toy store”. That's a very important distinction.)


Will you buy everything I bring you?

No. Sometimes we will have too much of something, sometimes it's just stuff we don't sell, etc.. We will have to take a look and let you know.


Do you take donations?

Not usually.


Do you match prices with other stores or online stores?

No, we do not.


Do you ever have sales?

Rarely, if at all. We strive to price our items lower than average current street prices. If something sits too long, we might mark it down, but we do not plan on having any storewide sales at this time.


Are there any other Cave locations?

Just the two... for now!


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we do!


Can I drop off stuff to sell you?

Yes you can. But please don't leave it on our doorstep. Make sure to bring it in and talk to us to get a claim slip and sign our terms of service for it. We do not hold drop-offs for more than seven days


Do you have experts on site to give me the highest offer possible? How are prices decided?

We mostly price according to what the current market dictates. We look up prices in many different places to decide that. What we offer depends on what we feel we can sell an item for. We do NOT maximize prices at The Cave, but instead take an average, and shoot for just below the middle ground. This allows us to keep our prices low for our customers. We are not perfect -It's not unusual to find rare items priced way under current street value in The Cave.


How do you feel about haggling over prices?

We're not fans of it. Our prices are clearly printed on our labels.


How old do I have to be to sell you stuff?

18 or older.


What is required to sell you stuff?

A valid I.D., and you will be required to sign a paper guaranteeing that the product is yours to sell. If you are selling any products with serial numbers, a signature capture and thumbprint capture will be required as well.


Are you hiring?

We're always looking for great people and accepting physical (printed on paper) resumes. We do not have any online resources for hiring.