Blownload Info:


The Goht: Guitar

Erie Loch: Vocals

Crash: Bass

Sprocket: Drums

A staple of the Northern California industrial music scene since 1990, Erie Loch, sole song and lyric writer and multi-instrumentalist of Coldwave legends, LUXT, has been blasting out cross-hybrid blends of electronic based mayhem with the band Blownload across the globe and touring across the country to obsessed fans since 2004. Mixing industrial, metal, punk, polka, vaudeville, reggae and a ton of other styles into a hard hitting, entertaining and wild mix of original and fresh musical debauchery. Lyrically extreme, satirically biting and even musically soulful at times, Blownload's ability to inject new life into the underground scene is only paralleled by their legendarily crazed and intense live shows and dedicated work ethic.

Erie's diverse and efficient skills in the studio have been showcased in recent years. After a slew of remix work for industrial monsters Ministry, Lords of Acid, The Revolting Cocks, Scum of the Earth, Tweaker and many more, Blownload's style has moved closer and closer towards Erie's more electronic roots.

Recently, Erie has become a member of the industrial super-group Primitive Race, featuring Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), Raymond Watts (KMFDM), Chris Vrenna (NIN, Marilyn Manson), Graham Crabb (PWEI), Mark Thwaite (Peter Murphy) and Luc Van Acker (Revco).

Blownload has also toured in recent years with The Revolting Cocks, Jim Rose, Lords of Acid, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Left Spine Down. Blownload has opened for Combichrist, Murderdolls and more.

Blownload also features Crash MF, bass player of Luxt, who together with Erie has played over 600 live shows, and opened for acts like Rammstein, System of a Down, Covenant, Godsmack, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Kittie, 16Volt, Hate Dept, and many more. This touring powerhouse lives to play live, promote and work hard.


"The musical writing and arranging are fine crafted, unique and easy to get into. Blownload are definitely all-out explosive energy in a box. But the box can't contain it forever." - Blumpkins CD Review

"This band is gonna be huge!" - Metal Sanaz - List of "Must See Bands"

"It's a rare thing indeed when a band can blow you away and become your new favourite band the first time you see them, and Blownload are such a band." - Metal Hammer Magazine Feature Article

"The first hybrid to get it right in recent years. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys..." - Rebel Rodz Magazine Blumpkins CD Review

"Eclectically heavy, catchy and danceable, funny yet intense, they make gaining new fans look like stealing confectionary from small children. Excellent stuff!" - Metal Hammer Show Review House of Blues Hollywood, CA